How To Use Youtube In Your Business

how to use youtube in your business

There has been quite a rise in small businesses starting a Youtube channel in 2017.  It’s actually crazy to hear the statistic that only 9% of small business are utilizing Youtube in their business strategy when Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.

When speaking with businesses owners who are thinking about creating a Youtube channel for their business one of the biggest excuses I hear is, “How do I even use Youtube in my business?”

Most online business owners are blogging to grow their website traffic and build an audience so they aren’t sure why they should also have a Youtube channel.  It’s seems like redundant work to them?

Well folks, it isn’t!

Did you ever think your should have started on Instagram account a little earlier, or even Facebook?  Well now is the time to get on Youtube before everyone else moves there!  It’s currently an underutilized platform that you can reap so many benefits from before the masses move there!

In today’s video I’m sharing 3 ways you start incorporating Youtube videos in your business strategy!


3 Ways To Use Youtube In Your Business:

  1. Build your authority

  2. Additional way for people to consume your content and find you

  3. Grow your email list with opt ins!

If you are ready to start a Youtube channel?  I got a 4 day challenge just for you!  This challenge only takes about 15 minutes a day and by the end of the challenge you will have a professional looking channel thats optimize and ready to launch!  I teach you how to find keywords for your channel, how to brand your channel and how to get content on your channel without even filming a single video!  

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