How To Use Youtube For Your Business (Guest Post on Jessica Rasdall)

A good friend and client of mine asked me to do a guest post over on her blog, Jessica Rasdall.

I wanted to share with you the content I provided over on her website if you missed it.

If you still aren't sure how you could really incorporate video content into your business strategy, I'm giving you 3 reasons why you need to be leveraging Youtube in your marketing and business strategy!

Watch My 3 Reasons Below! 

Key Take-aways 

  • Creating video can build your authority faster than any other medium
  • Video can provide the social proof a potential client needs to hire you
  • Showing behind the scenes of you business humanizes you and builds a strong, loyal community
  • Join Jessica's Facebook Group Front & Center here.  This group is an amazing online community for female entrepreneurs. 
  • If you are ready to create video content but have no idea what your videos should be about, click here to learn how I can help you create a list of 52 customized video ideas just for you and your business (thats 1 video a week for a year!)
  • Let me know in the comments below what's holding you back?  Why haven't you created video content yet?