How To Succeed And Look Professional In Your First Blog Video

You decided to start offering video content on your blog.  You DIY’ed your filming set up and you have a couple video ideas.  But you aren’t quite sure how to deliver the content on video.

I have 3 simple steps to get you on your way!  Once you master these 3 steps your video content will be converting leadings into sales like woah!

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You need to break down your content into 3 sections and write a script.  I have a script writing template you can download to help you with this.

Script Template


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Section 1: Intro


Your intro can be the same for every video. You can go as simple as introducing yourself first thing. Or you can have a solid color background zooming into your logo with music playing.  Or you can go as advanced as editing multiple clips of pictures and video, add music and a text overlay similar to the intro of a TV show.  That decision is all yours!


What’s important to remember is this intro needs to last a total of 10-15 seconds MAX!  In that amount of time you need to get across who you are, what you do and what the video is about.  You want to get creative because you want to hook the viewer to watch the whole video.


This is why writing a script is so important.  You can construct the best intro possible instead of just sitting in front of the camera, hitting record and just winging it.

Section 2: Content

This is where your content will be delivered.  Make sure you write down what main points you want to get across to your viewer.  By having it written down, you will avoid rambling on and losing bored viewers.


The best way to prep your content is to write it out in bullet points.  This way you have the general idea you want to get across, but you aren’t stressed about reading word for word what you wrote down.


If you have a lot of detailed content to provide you can write a complimentary blog post, just like this, for viewers to read.  This gives the viewer the choice to go read more if they are interested.  People who are watching videos have very short attention spans.  You want to make sure you get across your main points and what they are there to learn before you lose them.

Section 3: Outtro

Once you have wrapped up all your points with a simple one line summary, you need to have a call to action.  This is ESSENTIAL.  What do you want the viewer to do after they are finished watching?


Watch another video?

Read a blog post?

Go to your website?

Sign up for your Opt-In?

Subscribe to your channel?


The viewer can’t read your mind, so make sure you tell them what it is you want them to do. 


You also want to tell them how they can find you on social media and when they can expect new videos or blog posts from you. I also like to thank my viewers for watching at the end of every video.  Put your own spin on your closing remarks to make it show you and your brand’s personality.  

If you need more help writing a script and remembering all the parts make sure you down load this free script writing template!

Script Template


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Let’s talk in the comments below; what are you struggling with when it comes to your video content?  Are you having a hard time writing a script? Lets provide some tips to each other below!


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