How To Stay Focused on Your Business

how to stay focused on your business

Take a look at your To Do list... (go a head, I know it's sitting right beside you probably 2 or 3 pages long!)

Let me take a stab at what's on it... write an email funnel, speak at a conference, post to Instagram, start a Pinterest account, launch a group coaching program, create an online course, write this week's blog post....

And lets not even look at the "other To Do list"!  The one that includes pick up groceries, make dinner, workout, do laundry....

With all if this "stuff" when can you find time to actually focus on your business?  I mean really focus on your business so you are contributing significant income to your family or paying your rent this month.

In today's video I'm giving you 3 tips for how you can start really focusing on your business to make it the success you dream of it becoming!

If you are interested in getting started with video content make sure you grab my FREE Guide To Getting Started With Video Content by entering your email below.  Video has really allowed me to actually focus on my business.  My videos are out there on the second largest search engine in the world (Youtube) developing relationships with a new audience and building my authority by providing valuable content... all while I can focus on growing my business!

What's your #1 distraction when it comes to focusing on your business?  Let me know in the comments below!