How To Save Time Editing Video Content

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Can you edit a video in 15 minutes?

I understand one of the biggest reasons you don’t have video content for your blog or business is because it takes time, and time is something you just don’t have!

What if I told you, you could edit your videos in 15 minutes!



Actually it’s totally do-able!  Here’s how…

The first thing you have to do, to limit editing time, happens in pre-production!

You have to write a script or at the very least prepare what you are going to say.  Whether it’s writing out an entire script word for word or writing down bullet points.  If you know what you are going to say there will be less pauses while you film and less rambling!

This not only shortens the time it will take you to film the video but will cut down on the editing time significantly!

Also, plan to keep your video no more than 5 minutes!  I actually think 3 minutes would be perfect.  People have very short attention spans.  They want the most valuable information and they want it as quick as possible. 

So pick out the most valuable part of your blog post and use it for your video.  Remember you will also have a very short intro telling the viewer who you are and what you do.  You will also have a Call To Action in your video.  These things all take up time.

The main “meat” of your video should only be about 2 minutes.  Like I said, make it very valuable and actionable!  People love receiving information that they can take action on as soon as they are done watching.

If you prepare before you film and only plan a 3 minute video, you shouldn’t have much footage to edit.  And creating video content will become easier then writing a blog!

Click the video below to watch exactly how I edit all my videos for my YouTube channel.  It's a lengthier video (16 minutes) but I show you everything I do to edit my videos.

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