How To Plan Your Month

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The secret to getting more done in your schedule is to plan it out, and for me planning out a month in advance has been GAME CHANGING! In this video I'm going to walk you through how I use my paper planner to plan out my entire month!

Now you may know I love myself some Google calendar and Trello to keep my life organized but there are sometimes when I need space to write things out and get creative.

Before we jump over to planner and how you what I do exactly in this planner I'm going to tell you its not pretty. Its not a typically plan with me video where I draw pretty things and add all these stickers because one I'm a mom with too much to do and second I'm a business owner who again has too much stuff to do to spend it doddling in my planner. I use my planner pretty much as a click list and rough to see it visually before I put it in calendars.

I do have a link to the planner I use down in the description box if you are interested in getting yourself one of these planners and it is an affiliate link. I have been using these planners for 3 years and even though I love my apps I'm still desperately in love with my EC planner.

What do you use to plan your month? Do you have a routine or favorite planner? Let me know below.

How To Plan Your Month