How To Feel Comfortable On Camera

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Today is part 2 of my video series on how you can gain your camera confidence and get comfortable on camera.  If you missed part one, click here to watch the first video in this series.

In this part I want to dive a little deeper into building your confidence by giving you actual exercises to practice that build your camera confidence.  These exercises are great for you to break the ice for seeing yourself and being on camera.

Click below to watch part 2 of How To Feel Comfortable On Camera

Key Takeaways:

  • Start practicing by talking to a camera through out your day.

  • Get on Snapchat or Instagram stories to practice talking to a camera and seeing yourself on camera

  • Change your mind set!  Tell yourself your content is so valuable it needs to be heard through video!

Comment Below:

  • Which exercise do you think you can complete?

  • Are you currently creating stories on Instagram or Snapchat?


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