Getting Started With Video Marketing On Youtube - An Interview With JessCreatives

I hear from a lot of business owners they just aren't sure video is for their business.  They aren't sure if its worth the time and if its really worth the investment its going to take them to create video content.  

In today's video, I interview Jessica from JessCreatives.  She started creating video content for her business and adding the videos to her business Youtube channel in May.  And I'm going to give you a little spoiler.... Video has been well worth her time!

Click the image below to watch the interview to see how she over came her fear of video and how she got started with video content as a beginner!


Topics Covered:
1:22 - What was your biggest hurdle with video content
2:01 - How did you overcome your fear of being on camera
3:29 - How did you figure out what to talk about on video
4:15 - How do you repurpose your content
4:35 - How Jess posted to Youtube every day in August! 
7:48 - How do you find the time to create video
8:47 - Do you plan your content before you record
10:37 - Did a writing a script help
11:25 - Have you seen a benefit to video content
13:40 - Has video accelerated building relationships with new and potential clients?  And has it saved you any time?
15:12 - One piece of advice for someone thinking about video for their business       

Where to find Jess:

Click here for her Youtube channel

Click here for her website

Next Steps:

  • Leave a comment below letting us know what the number one thing is that's still holding you  back from creating video content!

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