Get more views with YouTube Cards

Did you know this little thing right up here could easily help you double your channel views!? Let's talk about how to use YouTube cards coming up!

Youtube cards is an easy feature right inside of YouTube. No fancy editing even needed. Once you upload your video you can go in here and add a card.

But here's the secret behind it... where to add your cards in your video?

My best suggestion for you is to add a card where your audience retention tends to drop off. For example I know my average audience retention is ... so I want to add an enticing card about 20 seconds prior to that so I can recommend another video to the viewer to keep them on my channel and not end their session or hop on to some else's video.

And even better strategy is to add a playlist card! Make sure you have eye catching title for your play list. and pop it into your video. Now you have directed them to binge watch some of your best content!

Now if you want to check how well these cards are working for you, you can go to your analytics and look by card type to see how many clicks you are getting!

Are you using cards on your videos? Let me know how they are working for you!

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Get more views with YouTube Cards