Does Your Business Really Need To Be On Youtube?

does your business need to be on YouTube

Let’s face it, social media has taken over our lives and more importantly our TIME! We feel if we aren’t on social media (whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…) we are going to miss the next big client or someone who would buy our digital product!  Basically, if we aren’t on social media 24/7 we are going to lose money right?

But you might be missing out on a social platform that will get you the biggest bang for your buck, and you might not even think of it as a social platform!


This platform isn’t just for cat videos and how to make slim!  This is a powerful business building platform that needs to be incorporated into your business strategy in 2018.  And the exact reason I was named to Huffington Post's Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs!

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through 3 reasons I think you may need to consider it. You’ll learn:

  • Why SEO #slays on the platform, and how having a channel can boost your SEO juice

  • How you can quickly serve your content with mini how-to trainings

  • The #1 way you can still get in touch with your people on YouTube—two words: organic reach!

Here’s why:


The absolute biggest benefit of YouTube is Google owns it.  So even if you think your audience isn’t on YouTube, are they using Google daily?  Multiple times a day?

What makes this partnership so powerful is you can have actual YouTube videos rank in Google search results.  How hard are you trying to get your website or awesome new blog post you created to show up in Google search?  How much time have you spent trying to figure out that whole SEO thing and your posts still aren’t popping up in Google search?

Since Google favors video content, it sees video as more valuable than a blog post which means Google will pushe video content to the top of their search results!

Have I mention that YouTube is the second LARGEST search engine behind Google?  

Businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.*

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic.*

84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video.*

*stats from Wordstream

Cisco states; by 2020, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be to video

“But Trena, what about Facebook Live?”

Okay. I’ve heard this, and even though you might be crushing it on Facebook Live, how are NEW people finding it unless you are boosting the post? Which ultimately means more money out of your pocket. Facebook currently does not have a search feature so it’s much harder for new people to find content when they need it most.


Most people are searching on Google or YouTube when they are in a pinch, or they quickly need to figure out how to do something.

They aren’t scroll through ads on Facebook when they need to know how to craft newsletter subject lines that people actually open!  They are probably getting ready to send out their newsletter and don’t know what the subject should be.  

They pop on Google to see if they can find some answers before they need to send their newsletter in the next 10 minutes.

Now they find your video on Google, watch it, get the help they needed, remember you helped them in a bind and are much more willing become apart of your tribe… they TRUST you now.

No matter your industry, whether it’s Photography, Social Media Manager, Business Coach, Copywriter, Wedding Planner, Lawyer or Virtual Assistant, you can be doing this.

Just check out these GREAT mini-training and how-to’s my clients and students have done before:

You aren’t pushing content on people, they are pulling your content when they need the help and you are their solution to less frustration and stress!


Facebook advertising is increasingly getting more and more expensive.  And I know small business owners just getting started don’t have the money to pay for it!  I know the struggle because I did buy any Facebook ads in the first 2 years of my business.  I just didn’t have the budget for it.

Plus now as business owners we need to think about the ad-pocalypse happening on Facebook right now, what could that mean for your Facebook ads plans?

A Facebook post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the algorithm is being tweaked to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” and to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.”

Adweek describes the hit as a one-two punch to businesses:

First: Expect to see decreased visibility of their organic posts as a result of the news feed algorithm change.

Second: Facebook wants it’s platform to be less additive meaning users likely spending less time on Facebook, there are going to be fewer opportunities for brands, businesses and publishers to get reach for both organic and paid posts.

But during the time I had no money to spend on Facebook I was still growing my email list 100s of people a month, finding people to buy my courses and book one on one sessions with me.  



This ties back into having the pulled content and the searchability factor.  YouTube is FREE!  You don’t have to pay to play on YouTube.  It’s based on how good your content is.  Not how fancy your video is, how GOOD YOUR CONTENT IS.

Especially as Facebook ads change we can rely on using it, especially as bigger brands and businesses push the prices for ads up and the small business owners just can’t afford it.  We need to rely more and more on organic reach and getting the absolute most out of it!


Ok I saved the best for last, and get ready because this is going to blow your mind!  YouTube is going to save you time!


Yes my friend, now let’s break this down.  I use my YouTube video as the top of my content hub.  Think of a pyramid that YOUTUBE videos sits on top of.  Once you create the Youtube video everything else falls below it….

Think through these 7 ideas to get you started:

  1. Blog post with the video embedded
  2. Instagram post with the video uploaded
  3. Email newsletter content with a link to your video
  4. Future email funnel content to build your know, like and trust with a new audience
  5. Upload as a Facebook video
  6. Facebook live talking about that video
  7. I could go on for days…..

So just take a sec and think, how much time is being spent on all these tasks in your business… What if one piece of content could do all of that!?  

And the best part, these videos work as your 24/7 sales team, building that know, like and trust and even more importantly AUTHORITY!

Need a clear blue print on how you to launch your Youtube channel successfully?  Need someone to map out all the clear steps you need to take?  Grab my YouTube Launch Road Map!  It easily walks you through the 10 steps to finally have a YouTube channel that gets views and more importantly brings you qualified leads for your business!