Case Study: How Ashlyn Made $60K From Video Content

As a smart business person, you probably want to know that investing both your time and resources into video will be worth it, right? Well today’s your lucky day! I’m sharing a real life case study with you - a real client with real numbers and the strategy we utilized to grow her business.

When Ashlyn first came to me, she was 8 months pregnant. She knew she wasn’t going to have the time to commit to an affiliate launch the way she had in the past, but still wanted to launch it to her community and hopefully make some money from it.

So we crafted a video strategy for her.  A video strategy that would help her reach more people on YouTube with the organic search potential, but also reach people on Facebook and keep her Instagram audience warm. Here’s the best part… all of it waslaunching while she HAD A BABY and wasn’t even working!

Ashlyn’s numbers right before her launch:

  • YouTube: Around 1800 subscribers

  • Facebook: Around 4,000 followers

WHAT WE DID (and what I want to help you do)

  • Crafted a five-video series to build KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. She took her clients through a customer journey that got them excited about her affiliate program so by the time she was ready to come back from maternity leave, they were ready to sign up. She showed them the pain points they would be looking to solve and how this program could solve them.

  • Then Ashlyn batched these 5 videos in just 2 days! 

  • Videos were released once a week leading up to the launch of the affiliate program, on YouTube, Facebook, blog, newsletter, and Instagram!

Here are her results!

  • TOTAL Facebook views: 1,248

  • TOTAL YouTube views: 4,767 views!

Even though Facebook had more followers, she was able to reach MORE YouTube views organically… helping her reach a $60K affiliate launch income when the doors were opened! That’s triple her previous income!

So what does that mean? Followers do not equal success. You should have one core video strategy that you can use across all platforms.

If you want to learn how you can create videos that help you sell more and get more eyes on your content, I’m launching a new course in just a few weeks that will do just that! In the meantime, go grab my FREE Video Multiplier Roadmap that shows you exactly how I repurpose ONE video into 10 different pieces of content and video you all the video dimensions you need for each platform!