The Secret to Affordable Video Lighting

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Is the number one reason holding you back from creating video content:


 “I don’t know how to make it look professional”


I have an answer for you!


Creating video content can seem like a lot of work involving a lot of expensive equipment that you don’t have the money for.  But it doesn’t have to be! 


In the video below I let you know, in one minute, what kind of lighting you need to create quality video content that will not break the bank.


Did you know providing video content on your website or on YouTube can convert more leads into more sales!


Lets break down your options for lighting into different steps and investment options.


I’ve got NO MONEY

If you want to create video but you really have no money to invest, PERFECTLY fine!  All you need is a window.  The best type of lighting is natural lighting anyways. 


So how do you use natural lighting? 

The best way to utilize natural light is to sit directly in front of your window and put the camera between you and the window.  You do not want the camera facing the window because it’s going to make you look very dark and the area around you super bright.


The best time to film is on a sunny, clear day.  This way you are getting some bright light and the sun isn’t going in and out of clouds causing a change in lighting on your video.


But Trena, I work full time in an office all day.  Well my next solution is for you!


I have a FEW dollars to spend

If you live in an apartment or house that doesn’t get much sunlight or you work outside of the house full time then I would suggest buying light bulbs.


You don’t buy just any old light bulb that you put in your lamps at home.  You will want to make sure the light bulbs are soft white, daylight-balanced light bulb.  You can find these light bulbs at a Lowes or Home Depot.  The light bulbs I buy are from Cowboy Studio on Amazon.  I get 4 light bulbs for around $25!


Once you have these specific light bulbs you can place them in any lamp you already have and immediate create a professional lighting set up! 


You want to make sure the light is balanced on both sides.  The best way to do this is to have 2 lamps, one on each side of you.  And you want the lights as close to your face as you can get, without them being in your shot. 


DIY professional lighting!



If you have dollas to make it rain then I would suggest investing in a ring light.  This light is the king of lighting.  With just one ring light you immediately have professional lighting. 


The Diva Ring Light will make any video instantly look professional.  It will set you back about $200 but like I said, it’s a no fuss, no hassle way to immediately make you video lighting look professional.


Now don’t think you need to go out and buy the ring light.  I’ve been filming videos for over a year and I still don’t have a ring light.


I use a combination of natural lighting and the daylight balanced light bulbs on light stands.  Specifically, I use the Cowboy Studio Day Light Umbrella kit, which comes with 2 tall light stands with 2 umbrellas and one tabletop light stand.  I generally don’t use the umbrellas because I’m going for a brighter look in my videos.

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Lets talk in the comments below what you struggle with most when it comes to lighting and creating your videos?  Do you have any DIY solutions to lighting that you use?  Lets provide some tips to each other below!


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