How To Make An About Me Video

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About Me.  We all probably have an About Me page on our site and we know how important it is to have it! So why would you need to do an About Me video?  Will it even be worth your time to create?

In one word, YES

Your about me video not only introduces you to your potential client, but it allows them to put a face to the name, which is so essential in developing your know like and trust with them (click here to read an entire post on the importance of know like and trust)!  People want to know who they are buying from, so introducing yourself on video satisfies that need.

Not only does it let potential clients get to know you, having video on your site boosts your SEO!  That’s right, even if it's an About Me video!  The algorithm in search engines take into account there is a video on your site.  This tells search engines you are providing quality content and will boost you in search results!

So your ready to make an about me video right! 

What should you say? 

What information should you include? 

What should it even look like? 

Here are the main parts you should be thinking about...


You have around 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention on video before they click off!  It is so important to make sure you really think about how you want to start your video.  It is also important in these first three seconds that your video and audio quality is on point!  People will not watch dark videos, videos with distracting audio feedback and especially videos that don’t edit out the part where you turn on the camera! 

You know you might be guilty of this or seen someone guilty of this.  It’s that part at the beginning of the video where you see someone taking their hand away from the camera because they just clicked record!  PLEASE you need to edit this out!

So you have 3 seconds to get their attention, then introduce yourself to the viewer and provide your job title or what you do.  Keep it very short, like one line! 

Background/Your Story:

You want to keep your background pertaining to your business.  If you are selling jewelry on Etsy, you aren’t going to talk about how growing up you were an athlete and did all these sports.  You want to start creating a story for the viewer where they are learning how you got to where you are now.  Where your passion for this busienss all began!

So you might want to start with how you made your first bracelet at 5 years old with some beads and yarn, then tried to sell it at a yard sale!  Or maybe you are a graphic designer and you loved drawing a very young age.  Or maybe you’re a business coach and you started your very first business at age 10 when you bought a bunch of candy bars then sold them to your friends for a profit! 

You want to get a little personal but keep it on topic to  your product or service.

Your Why:

Here is the meat of your video.  You need to tell people why you started your business.  You need to find a way to relate to the viewer!  What are they struggling with that you too struggled with.  They need to be able to see themselves in you.  Let the viewer know why you want to help people. 

Back to jewelry.  If you are making jewelry maybe it’s because you could never find that right piece that fit your classic yet funky side.  Or if you are a graphic designer maybe you started your business because you didn’t like the 9-5 and cookie cutter designs you were forced to create in a large firm.  If you are a business coach maybe its because you want people to know they can reach their dreams without spending 80 hours a week working on their business.

Make sure you hook them right here!


This is where you introduce what you are selling, product or service.  How will your product or service solve their problem?  How will you make their life better?  What are the benefits of purchasing?  These all need to be addressed.  The viewer is already intrigued because they heard your story and they are invested.  You just need to drive it home here.  Address all the major pain points your target audience has and let them know how you will fix it!

Call To Action:

This is THE MOST important element to your video!  You need to tell the viewer what you want them to do next!  People need to be told, flat out, where you want them to click next!  This could be your contact page.  This could be to download your free opt-in.  This could be to go to your work with me page.  Whatever the next step is, you need to make it very clear here.


Your outtro is very quick.  Some people might not even watch it because you created such a strong call to action they already did what you asked them to!  But your outtro just includes where they can find you (social media), a thanks for watching and a sign off!  Pretty simple!

In all, this video should not be more than 3 minutes.  You want to make sure its short, sweet and to the point.  People are not going to watch a 10-minute video about you!  So shoot for 3 minutes max!

And that is your basic outline to your very first About Me video!

I highly suggest hosting your about me video on a business Youtube channel.  Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and great place to tap into for potential clients!

Plus you can embed Youtube videos right into your website and get add SEO juice since Google LOVES video content!

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Let's talk in the comments below, do you have an About Me video?  Have you been thinking about creating an About Me video?

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