7 Myths About Video Content Creation

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When it comes to why your business isn’t creating video, I’ve seriously heard it all!  Even the “I don’t want to get out of my yoga pants” excuse!

I understand video can seem scary and a huge time commitment.  But today I’m here to de-bunk all those myths and excuses for not creating video content!  After this you won’t have any more excuses to avoid creating video content!


Myth 1 - It will take a lot of time


If you aren’t doing it correctly, video will take up a lot of your time! 

To make video content creation go much quicker you have to be prepared.  This means, know what you are going to say before you turn the camera on!  Now whether you write a full script for the video or you just write bullet points for topics you want to cover.  Having a plan is essential in minimizing the time it takes to create videos!

Also, when planning your content know that people prefer short, actionable videos.  The longest you want your video to be is 5 minutes max!  Unless you are going into an in depth training video, you need to make your videos very actionable in a few minutes.

By creating shorter videos, not only does it take you less time to film, more people will watch!


Myth 2 - I have to be “camera” ready


Ahhh the age old, I don’t want to do my hair and make up for video!  I get it.  We aren’t comfortable on camera without our best face on and we’ve gotten so accustom to rolling out of bed, throwing sweats on and heading to work in our home office.  Not only that, we have so many things to do in the morning (pack the kids lunch, get the significant other ready for work, and lets not even mention the long To Do list for your business) so getting camera ready just isn’t a priority!

What if you could commit to getting “camera ready” one day a month?!?  Yes!  That’s all you need to do!

How is this even possible?  Batch filming!  Plan all your videos a head of time.  Know what you want to say, have your script prepared and set aside one day a month to film!  During this one day all you have to do is film 4 videos!

When you are first starting out with video content it is perfectly fine to offer 1 video a week!  That is all you need to commit to.  And if you are able to film 4 short videos in one day, your filming for the month is done!  Plus, if you have your hair and make up done why not use it to your advantage and head out to a date night with your significant other!  Reward your self for the filming you just did!


Myth 3 - I have to show my face


I understand a lot of people hate the way they look on camera and/or sound on camera.  It’s actually a pretty common fear.  And some people just really don’t want to be in front of the camera.  That’s totally fine.  I suggest trying to be in front of the camera a few times and if it doesn’t get any easier then there are other strategies to creating video content.

Here are a few great video ideas for people who don’t want to be on camera are;

-       How To Videos

-       Animated Videos

-       Doodle Videos

-       Slide Show Videos


If you decide not to be on camera, you need to really get your creative juices flowing.  The viewer isn’t going to have you personally to connect with, so you need to find another way that really draws their attention and keeps them engaged.


Myth 4 - My service or product doesn’t work for video


Not knowing what to make a video about can totally stall your video content process!  BUT you can always find a way to talk about your product or service in a video!

Gary Vaynerchuk started his first YouTube channel just talking about wine!  At the time no one was out there talking about wine and he still has over 17,000 subscribers. 

To figure out what you can a make a video about, think about what people ask you most about your business.  If you’re a jewelry business can you make a video on how your custom jewelry is made?  Or maybe some great outfit ideas to compliment your jewelry.

Are you an artist?  Create videos providing tips how to make similar art or show your art creation process.

Do you provide a service?  Show people what its like to work with you or tell people what they will accomplish by working with you. 

Especially when you are providing a service, it is so important for people to hear from the actual person providing the service!  They need to be able to trust you before they hire you!


Myth 5 - I need fancy equipment


DSLR cameras, fancy lenses, ring lights, all equipment that will probably max out your credit card!  I know it would max mine out so I didn’t buy any of these to start creating my videos on YouTube!


Most smart phones today have perfectly acceptable cameras to use for creating video content!  Make sure you are using the outward facing camera (not the selfie camera) and record in landscape mode (not holding your camera up and down, PLEASE do not hold your phone up and down!).


I understand lighting is expensive so why not use free lighting, natural sunlight!  You can totally sit in front of a window and use the light coming in to your benefit.  This instantly increases the quality of your video for the total cost of FREE! 


The next best option for lighting, if you can’t use natural light, is daylight balanced light bulbs.  You can buy these in any home supply store (Lowes, Home Depot) or Amazon.  I bought a pack of 4 light bulbs from Amazon for under $25.  These light bulbs will fit into any lamp you already have and instantly provide you professional lighting!

You don’t NEED fancy equipment to make great quality videos, there are cheaper ways!


Myth 6 - Editing will take forever


Yes, the process of editing can be daunting.  But remember when I talked earlier about keeping your videos under 5 minutes.  The shorter your videos the shorter the editing process!

Not only shortening your video length, but if you are prepared when you get on camera you have less to edit.  Instead of going through hours worth of footage with you “ummmm-ing” and “ahhhh-ing” or looking to the side and fumbling over your words, your footage should be very to the point. 

Once you are in your editing software, whether its iMovie, Window’s MovieMaker or the free YouTube editor, there is no need to get fancy.  Avoid using all the transition options and just cut the clips and string them all together.  The more transitions you use the more distracting the video gets. 

The best thing to remember when it comes to editing, keep it simple!  People aren’t clicking on your videos to watch a fancy edited video, they want quality content!  Quality content will always win over flashy editing. 


Myth 7 - I have nothing to talk about


You think you have nothing to talk about.  Well do you have something to sell?  How do you plan on selling it?  People want to know about your product or service.  How will it change their life?  Why do they need to buy from you?  What makes your product or service unique?

You can even share your personal story.  What’s your why?  Why are you so passionate about what you sell?  Why are you doing what you are doing?

Answer questions.  Do you get questions emailed or asked of you frequently?  Do a question and answer video.  Answer questions that will help people make the decision to buy from you!

Or even get your clients talking about you!  Ask some of your best clients to provide a video testimonial.  Not only does this build your creditability but it also shows you really care about your clients by putting them in videos on your website!  Maybe even link to their website or products as a mini promo for them!




This all seems way to overwhelming and I will never figure out video!


I figured everything out on my own!  From cameras, lighting, editing, to even optimizing my videos on YouTube to attract more clients!


It was no easy feat!  Did it take me over a year to figure out?  Yes, but I did figure it out and I now have a quick process where I’m posting four videos a week on two YouTube channels!


I don’t have any help, no virtual assistant for me.  And two kids under 2!  I really had to develop the best time efficient way for me to be able to create the amount of video content I do.

Ready to get started with video content but not sure what equipment, software, products, et. you need?  Grab my list of highly recommended tools to get started.  And you don't need lots of money!  I've got great budget friendly options that I use and are great alternatives to the fancy schmancy equipment you see being used.  Plus I included options for Mac and PC users because the great debate will go on forever! 


I want to here from you now!  What’s the biggest thing holding you back from creating video content?  Did I debunk any of the myths you heard?  Lets chat in the comments section below!