3 Common Mistakes Make With Video Content

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I'm not sure if you were able to tell yet, but I am so passionate about what video content can do for your business.  I think it's such a great tool that can not only save you so much time, but really make a huge difference to your business!

I want you to start creating video content now!  But I want to make sure you are doing it correctly so it doesn't hurt your business or brand's reputation.  

Today I wanted to share with you the 3 common fatal mistakes I see most people making when it comes to creating video content.  

Video content can be amazing for your business but if it’s not done right it can totally backfire.  Your video reflects your brand, if it’s done badly it can completely affect your business’s reputation and credibility.  

Please read these common mistakes so you don’t make them when posting videos for your business!


#1 Bad lighting/Bad production


Bad light and production value is a reflection on your brand.  If you don’t take the time to properly light your video and take the time to learn how to create a quality video, your video WILL negatively affect your business.  

If you post a dark video with a mess in the background and people can hardly hear what you’re saying due to bad audio, people are going to think this is the type of work you deliver.  They are going to think you are “small time” and that you aren’t a reputable business to work with.

Do not create a video just to create a video.  You need to put the time and effort into it to show quality and really make your video shine.

You need to make sure your lighting is on point, your background reflects your business (even if its a blank wall because thats fine!) and people can hear what you are saying very clearly.


#2 Making a video just to make a video


You know how important it is to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.  So you get the lighting you need and set everything up and decide to create a video.  You turn the camera on and just start talking.  This will be great right!?  

Have you heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail”?

If you have no strategy or no idea what your video will be about, your video will fail.  You must have a plan for your video.  Who are you targeting?  What are you selling?  What is the strategic purpose of your video?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, figure them out before you film a video.


#3 Too long


People have short attention spans!  Research shows 20% of people click away from a video within 10 seconds if it isn’t engaging enough AND the more time you add to a video the less likely people are to finish watching.

Long babbling videos do absolutely nothing for your business.  You want to make sure you provide high value content in short, to the point videos.

It’s important to remember there is so much video content out there, if your video isn’t keeping their attention, they will find video content elsewhere.

Avoid the lengthy video by knowing your audience and what your audience wants.  And be prepared before creating a video.  Write a script so you are sure of your video length and you are covering the key points you want to get across.


These are just 3 of the common mistakes that will negatively affect your business if you decide to create video content without doing it properly.  

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Are you creating video content?  What's your biggest hurdle when it comes to creating video content?  Let's chat below!