15 Youtube Video Ideas for 2018

Odds are, you’re already a smart boss who knows video is the next frontier in marketing: You love the idea of sharing your smarts on video, but trying to find time in your already jammed pack schedule to film videos seems next to impossible…

… and if that’s you (and if you’re like me), you want to get off the content creation hamster wheel and create the content that will get the biggest bang for its buck.

You just wanna grow your email list with potential clients and position yourself as an expert.

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When you are getting started on Youtube one of the biggest hurdles is coming up with your first video idea! You just wish someone would tell you a couple video ideas to get you started. In today's video I'm getting your started with 15 easy video ideas you can make for your channel! 

If you are a Youtube beginner or just getting start on Youtube here are you 15 Youtube video ideas for 2018:

  1. Creator Story
  2. .Draw my life
  3. Opinion piece
  4. Tutorial
  5. What’s on my phone
  6. Day in my life
  7. How To
  8. Favorites
  9. Tips
  10. Office Tour
  11. Advice
  12. Mistakes
  13. Reviews
  14. Goals
  15. Channel Trailer

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