Lights, Camera, and yes I probably have yoga pants on with my fancy shirt: Hi, I’m Trena. 

I’m passionate about equipping women with the skills they need to make their business thrive on Youtube and beyond.  I’m also a wife, mom and regular girl-next-door who pushed up her sleeves, hit record on her camera and built a business from scratch … maybe just like you.

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Three years ago, I started a mom channel on YouTube where I shared pregnancy advice and routines for other moms. It’s was then that I noticed a missing link when it came to teaching YouTube—specifically to female entrepreneurs like me. There were so many men teaching it, but no one was coaching women in a hands-on, “you’re just like me,” boutique way that spoke specifically to the insecurities and fears we have about putting ourselves out there on the internet … much less on video!

After earning my MBA and spending hours soaking up everything I could about YouTube as a business asset, the idea of coaching other women to generate income from the platform—like I’d done with my own channel!—just made sense. Now, I offer products, tools, and services to cheer on and motivate women while they learn YouTube, and it’s my privilege to hold their hand every step of the way.


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When I’m not filming or coaching, you can find me…

  • Hanging out at the park with my sweet two-year-old daughter, Norah Rose
  • And chasing baby Cohen around when I’m not swinging her—he’s almost one, and allllllll boy.
  • Sprucing up our brand new house—I may or may not have requested good windows for my office.
  • Sipping some of my husband’s home-brewed craft beer or a nice Cabernet
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Trena, I’d love your help with …

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Getting clarity for my YouTube channel

Creating a plan for my YouTube channel

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