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Let's face it: There's ~kinda~ a lot to remember when it

comes to your YouTube strategy.

🗒Write your script .

💄Put on make-up (um, shower).

👩‍💻Research some keywords.

🎬Hit film.

🤦‍♀️Remember where your camera card is.

🎬Hit film again.


….Upload. Add in those card things. Write the description. Quickly whip up a thumbnail in Canva. Remember to go answer comments. Check analytics. Post about the video on Instagram/FB/etc.

Do it all again 6 days later as you work to get in the good graces of the YouTube gods 😔.


I get it.

After building up my own 6-figure business, sharing my expertise on multiple channels and stages like Alabama Wedding And Event Professionals and The Together Experience, today, I help creative women do one thing:

Step into their smarts by leveraging video content, so they can #workit with the most massively powerful marketing tool available to creative small businesses today: YouTube.

And if that’s what you’re up to these days?

Oh oh, I see you! Hats off—it’s a lot of work to keep tabs on all those steps of a YouTube strategy.

If you're so over the struggles, forgotten steps, and "argh, I have to refilm the WHOLE THING" moments as you build your YouTube channel …

... then this one goes out to you.

Because here's why your YouTube strategy may be D.O.A (bonus points if the Friends song just got stuck in your head) 🎶

Most women kicking off a DIY YouTube strategy face those growing pains that come with learning a new platform:


You feel rushed each week making your video. “[INSERT VIDEO LIVE DAY HERE] IS COMING! Argh! How is it already time to film again, and where's the flash drive??”

TL_Icon 4.png

The planning never seems to end—there's always one more step you realize has been left off your workflow of sorts, resulting in shoddy, second-class videos that aren't your favorite work. (Um, sry audience)

TL_Icon 9 (1).png

You've overwhelmed by all the techy to-do's with YouTube. There's some analytics stuff you KNOW you're supposed to do, but you can't keep it all straight.

TL_Icon 6.png

There's even a bit of financial stress. Hey, starting a YouTube channel ain't cheap. You've spent dollahs on equipment, but your channel isn't exactly growing at a rate to pay all that back in spades.

Any of that sound familiar?

Well, duh. You're a whip-smart entrepreneur, and if you're like most creative women, chances are that YouTube isn't your *main* thing: it's something you've added to enhance your marketing strategy. You've already got a lot going on, sister!

And while you're juggling like a boss most days, that YouTube strategy ball is too important to let hit the floor.

Because if you're spending time creating these videos, we best be leveraging them with an organized, no-step-left-behind game plan for each and every single piece of content you post on the platform.

Which begs the question …

Would things be different if you had a virtual YouTube project manager of sorts to keep you organized?

A powerhouse workflow that …

🚗 Gave a succinct path and way of thinking about your video strategy that kept the main thing (ahem, publishing content that clocks in views) the main thing?

🎯Reminded you of those blind spots that trip you up each week as you film, edit, research, and post.

🐹Pulled you off the hamster wheel of constantly trying to remember all the YouTube expert endorsed steps scurrying around your brain, and put them in neat, orderly checklists you could check off each week.

💃One that puts hopeful creatives (just like you) on track with a mindset shift: you're the creator, you're the boss. All you've got to do is work the plan. It doesn't need to be all in your head.

And that's exactly why I created my brand new tool.

Introducing the NEW

YouTube Workflow Blueprint

The YouTube Workflow Blueprint isn't *just* another

Trello board training or how-to …

... it's a 13-part gameplan that will transform your YouTube process …

... from your overwhelmed, missed-that-step-again duct-taped system to an organized, optimized, step-by-step powerhouse strategy.

Snag your YouTube Workflow Blueprint today

for just 1 payment of $97!

Got questions? Email the team at

youtube workflow

🙌You'll get clarity to focus on the RIGHT things as you settle in to research keywords and flesh out video ideas you're dreaming up.

🎉You'll get all the done-for-you processes that YouTube channel managers like me tick off for high-paying clients

📈You'll be put on a path to RESULTS—and by results I mean the goal of even posting to YouTube in the first place: views and subscribers, subscribers and views.

Don't take my word for it—here's how the YouTube Workflow Blueprint

has helped other budding YouTubers!


“This YouTube Workflow Blueprint really helps me keep track of everything in one place rather than all the loose papers and sticky notes everywhere. I loved the checklists that Trena put up on the workflow. These really helped me to make sure that I have everything covered on my Youtube videos and all my ideas in one place!” - Liz Lee from Cellomoji


“I LOVE the Youtube Workflow Blueprint. Its lays everything out step by step so there is nothing that you will miss. It's like your best friend walking beside you as you create video content. And there are SO many moving pieces to video content! I never knew. Thank you Trena for holding my hand throughout this process. Your videos will thank you.” - Sharon Schuler from Elite Mom Planning

Ashlyn Carter

“Having Trena manage the ins and outs of my channel is a dream—and I’m constantly popping in the YouTube Workflow Blueprint she created for us to see what tasks fall on my plate! She’s not kidding: she really uses this SAME workflow when she serves others … and it’s my dashboard go-to as we’ve grown more than 1.6K subscribers in 10 months!” - Ashlyn from Ashlyn Writes

What's inside?

Built out in Trello, each of the 13 lists in the workflow contains a short how-to, specifically reminding you of the things I see most clients and students forget during each and every stage of the idea-to-published process. Each step includes a detailed, done-for-you process checklist you can plug right into that task—you just fill in the blanks with your content ideas, and leave the "what's next?" to me. It's that simple.

Let me show you around each list that's waiting for you inside

the YouTube Workflow Blueprint!

The Idea Brain Dump

All those ideas? Spill. Throw down all your (brilliant) video ideas. The board even has prompts to get your wheels turning: How-to's, Tips, Trending Topics, FAQs that come in from your audience, and more.

Keyword Research

Time to fact-find. Here, I give you a few pointers on my go-to YouTube research tools of choice, so we can make sure that your videos land in front of your audience's eyes.

Title & Tags

We're not moving to the next stage until we make that research concrete, so in this workflow step, I'll remind you to drill down to those 5-10 tags that will get you noticed—and help you craft a working title, too!

Script Video

This one's the money-maker. I'm handing over the YouTube script template—in Google Doc and Evernote format—for you to to plug and play the content that you could spout out as an expert right alongside the carefully chosen research keywords you've found work for your topic.

To Film

Mooooving right along, once your video is scripted, you'll drag your card here: this list is for all the videos you have to prep for lights, camera, action.

Ready to Edit

Got those raw files checked off? In this list, you'll tick off the 9 steps I want you to hit up as you edit your video, so we can then move to ...

The Video Graphics Checklist

Thumbnails aren't an afterthought in a solid YouTube strategy: they're a must. Here, you'll build out all the graphics I recommend you tackle to promote your video as many places as possible, so we can ramp up your traffic and views.

Uploading to YouTube

Here, I'll remind you a few keys to keep in mind as you load in your video file to the platform: these 9 more steps make sure not a single basic step of the process is skipped, because ...


... here we go. This list bakes in the 9 secret-sauce moves you can't forget if you're going to play to win when it comes to YouTube. We're not just throwing up content for content's sake: we're leveraging your smarts to show UP on YouTube for the right people.

Publish & Promote

The more views, the more valuable your video: as you drag and drop your card over to this workflow list, I'll run down the skinny so you can make sure you haven't left off a single opportunity to sing your video from the rooftops.


Time to tweak and repeat. You've GOT to see if your audience has responded—good or bad—to your video, so you know what to do more of (and when to pump the breaks). 30 days after your video goes live, use these 7 steps to assess the results.


Researched, filmed, edited, posted, optimized, and studied? Boom. You got yourself a completed video. House your files in this list so you can easily reference and replicate as you build your YouTube content empire.

8 Master Checklists

Need to pull just ONE of these checklists? Voilà. They’re all waiting for you on this dashboard master list of complete steps.

By the end of walking through these 13 workflows, you'll have a completely transformed, efficient YouTube process nailed down.

You'll be ready to take on those content dreams you've been itching to talk about.

You'll have subscribers who get JUST what they want, because you're putting in the time and effort to see what will truly resonate with them.

youtube workflow desktop

What's the price on this guy?

YouTube Workflow Blueprint isn't just another freebie download opt-in or swipeable board found on Pinterest.

It's a small investment in your YouTube game plan that pays big dividends on your future.

One that will get you back time. One that will let you make your mark on your industry. One that will build that know, like, trust factor with your audience.

This is exactly what I teach and share with my one-on-one clients who pay upwards of $2,000 for me to manage their channel, but at a fraction of the cost.

And when you weigh that against the investment on your budding channel's future, it's an easy choice.

Snag your YouTube Workflow Blueprint today

for just 1 payment of $97!

Got questions? Email the team at


It's your turn. Step into the spotlight

and get your smarts to your audience ...

all with an organized workflow humming behind

your YouTube strategy.


And just who am I?

trena little

Hi! I’m Trena, an MBA graduate who quit the "perfect" job because I was bored and wanted to follow my passion of online video and editing. I fell in love with YouTube, soaking up everything I could to really optimize Youtube as a business asset.

After building two channels of my own, I turned to serve clients like Heather Crabtree, Think Creative Collective, SC Stockshop, The Contract Shop, and Jessica Rasdall—and share YouTube expertise on stages like The Together Experience and Altitude Summit, while contributing to content partners like TubeBuddy.

Nothing makes me happier than providing one of our 30+ 1-on-1 clients a finished edited video that they are ecstatic about … or seeing the lightbulb go off for my 45+ students inside my signature YouTube Bootcamp program.

I come alongside female entrepreneurs to help them get their gifts, smarts, and personalities out in the world through the YouTube platform, encouraging them to tackle their fears, educating them to optimize YouTube videos, & growing their confidence every inch of the way ...

… and now, I want to help YOU!

So, to recap:

When you get YouTube Workflow Blueprint , you get instant access to the 13-part Trello board system with checklists and how-to videos that can transform your channel from stress-city to take-charge content creator.

  • More than 8 checklists and reminder cards, reflecting the exact tasks I do for my clients as I manage their video strategy, so you can DIY like I do (value: $97)

  • Plus, you get your hands on my YouTube script template—in both Google Doc and Evernote version (value: $47)

  • You get 10 how-to video trainings pulled straight from my channel sprinkled throughout the system, to answer your questions when you get stuck and keep you on track (value: $197)

When you add it up? That's a cool $341.

All you've got to do is decide:

Keep coasting with the sticky-note decked workflow system that you've pieced together from a course here, a YouTube binge sesh there, and an idea parking lot listthere. And as you already know, that's a creating a *bit* of not-so-smooth sailing get those videos posted each week.

OR …

If you already know you want to grow your business using YouTube, and while you're not quite ready to hand over the reigns (and moneys) to a YouTube channel manager, you're ready to transform your technique by following the same steps successful channels do …

Then simply click the button below: Your YouTube Workflow Blueprint is waiting for you on the inside!

Snag your YouTube Workflow Blueprint today

for just 1 payment of $97!

Got questions? Email the team at

And I get it—what if YouTube Workflow Blueprint isn’t all I cracked it up to be?

I want there to be no risk whatsoever—all that I ask is you give it a try! After you get access to your Blueprint, give it a whirl for 14 days.

If you show me a video card you’ve gotten through step 5 (filming), and it’s just not working for you, I’ll pay you back for your investment—it’s that simple. Click here for full details on how that works >

TL_guarantee-26 (1).png

An A for your Q:

What if I'm more of an Asana girl?

To each her own—no problem! For me, Trello’s been a better fit, but for many, Asana is your platform of choice. What you’ll find inside the YouTube Workflow Blueprint is everything neatly laid out, so you can set it up inside Asana if that’s a better fit for you. Plus, there are some great internet tutorials about how to integrate Asana and Trello, if you’re feeling a little techy: here’s an Asana article if you’d like to get the YouTube Workflow Blueprint “talking” to your account in Asana.

This sounds overwhelming—how much time will this take to implement?

My goal was to create an antidote to the overwhelm that I know YouTube brings up for a lot of content creators. The YouTube Workflow Blueprint will—yes—take a moment to learn like anything, but bring focus and clarity to your vision, and help align you to the ultimate goal of serving up content on YouTube: optimizing well, so you can build know, like, and trust with your audience.

You have lifetime access to YouTube Workflow Blueprint, and inside, I’ll help you identify the exact steps to a successful channel, so you can follow the paint-by-number approach—and quit worrying about all the other “steps” you’re hearing you have to do.

If you can commit an hour or two to installing the board, walking through the how-to’s, and reviewing the checklists, you’ll begin to see a more freedom-focused approach to content creation with your next video!

I haven't started my YouTube channel yet—am I ready for this?

YES! Absolutely! In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs I believe you need is to see how quickly and simply all the steps to getting a video up and live can be—you just need to see them all in one spot.

Whether you want to hand this board off to a VA and member of your team to help you through, or are just getting started and need a flow of steps, YouTube Workflow Blueprint will help you craft and optimize a video plan.

Argh. It's the confidence and putting myself out there that I struggle with. Will this help?

Friend, you are SO not alone. In fact, it’s my mission to come alongside female entrepreneurs, encouraging them to tackle their fears and growing their confidence every inch of the way.

Video can bring up #allthefeels for so many of us. If YOU have a message, if you have expertise to get out, and you have a desire to serve others with what you know, you’re exactly why I’m in business. You’re exactly why I set out to work with women—because this video-confidence thing is a struggle for us.

My hope is that with a precise plan of action in place, you can fall back on that as a confidence booster as you hit record!

All the tech that goes into YouTube freaks me out. Do I need to be good at tech to make this work?

While there’s a *bit* more of a barrier to entry to YouTube than, say, blogging, I’ve found that you don’t need to spend tons on tech to get a good set-up!

I’ve created lots of content about that, and I’ve linked it for you inside the YouTube Workflow Blueprint. Otherwise? It’s never been easier to see the “techy” steps laid out in a one-stop-shop: your YouTube Workflow Blueprint.

From researching keywords to editing, I’ve worked to make sure you won’t get stuck along the way.

What's the guarantee or refund policy for the YouTube Workflow Blueprint?

I want there to be no risk whatsoever—all that I ask is you give it a try! After you get access to your Blueprint, give it a whirl for 14 days. If you show me a video card you’ve gotten through step 5 (filming), and it’s just not working for you, I’ll give you your money back.

youtube workflow