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You want to get more serious with Youtube but you have no idea where to get started!

Maybe you dabble a little in Youtube posting a video here and there but you have no clear strategy and your views on your videos are next to none!  

You know Youtube could be HUGE for your business but your video just sits there while other Youtube channels thrive!

And if we get right down to it, thinking about launching a channel, optimizing videos and determining whether your video ideas are right for your business makes you want to pour a strong drink and grab a stick of cookie dough (because let’s face it… ANOTHER PLATFORM!?!)

So how do you finally reap the benefits of over a billion monthly views Youtube receives (and growing!) and the second largest search engine in the world?

It’s time for a Youtube Channel Pick Me Up!

Unfortunately, if you build it they do not always come.  You need to have a clear strategy to ensure your videos are getting in front of your target audience and provide content which makes them excited to work with you.

When I complete your Youtube Channel Audit and Launch Plan you know exactly:

  • What’s working on your channel now 

  • What’s not working on your channel 

  • The next (or first) 12 videos you should be creating for your audience

  • What keywords you should be using for your videos

  • Exactly what to put in the video description box to improve ranking

  • Playlist ideas to add to your channel

  • How to get more views or your first views

  • How to convert your viewers to your email list

  • Action steps to adding best practices your channel is missing

Plus I provide you comprehensive step-by-step launch plan so you know exactly what to do to launch your channel with success AND 3 months worth of optimized video ideas to get your channel rolling!

trena little

Let me introduce myself!

Hi, I'm Trena Little, a passionate Youtube strategist from the greater suburbs of Washington D.C. with a strong love for video content, community building and a great glass of wine!

I started my business for one reason: to help you finally get your business on Youtube so you can start attracting your dream clients 24 hours 7 days a week on the largest video platform in the world!

I started my career in marketing and human resources after earning my Master of Business Degree at Shippensburg University.

I now mix together my love of Youtube with my business background in marketing and advertising to create the best Youtube client-attracting content for my clients!

How does this work?

client call

Step 1

First we need to determine your channel goal, who your ideal client is and how to attract them!  We will book a 60 minute call and I will send you a questionnaire that will help me understand you and your business goals.

light bulb

Step 2

We get on a 60 minute call to chat all things Youtube.  What you’ve done on Youtube.  Where you struggle with Youtube.  What’s been holding you back.  What types of content you like to create.  What you would like your channel do for your business.  Then you provide me access to your channel so I can dig deep into the analytics


Step 3

Then I get researching!  I complete a full channel review, competitor analysis, and channel strategy research.


Step 4

I hand over your step-by-step Youtube channel action plan so you can master your Youtube channel strategy and know the exact videos to create!  You now have more time to focus on whatever it is you love doing most (even if it is working on your business!).