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Lets talk about how I can get you successfully generating more leads and more cash with Youtube!

Unfortunately throwing a perfectly edited video with sweet graphics and special effects is not going to grow your audience or get your video to the top of Youtube search results.  

You need to be strategic.  

Your video needs to be optimized properly.

You need to know what works on Youtube.

Life After Working With Me

  • A strategic plan for Youtube! You now know exactly what to post, how to post and when to post to get the most ROI out of your video content!
  • You are a repurpose queen! Not only are you crushing the Youtube game but you are also crushing Facebook video, utilizing video on Instagram and in your newsletters!
  • Your business is growing everywhere! Not only is traffic to your website increasing but your email list is growing faster than ever before and client inquires are coming in like hot cakes!
  • More time! Thanks to the relationships you develop through video content you are spending less time on discovery calls because people contact you ready to fork over their money!

What Students And Clients Are Saying

Veronica Yanhs, of Desire's Laid Bare is a client of mine who knew she wanted to focus on Youtube to really target her specialize niche.  She wasn't sure how else to target them so we crafted a video strategy that got her in front of her target audience!  

"If I didn't have Trena with me, I would just be putting up random videos and not even knowing how to tag videos or how to title things.  So the fact that she is so good at it, it cut my market research in more than half, it really helped me dial in what to put next on my membership site."

Jennifer Gomes, of A Domestic Wildflower is a student of mine who was struggling to get more traffic to her site to sell her course.  She new her audience was out there, she just didn't know how to get in front of them, even after spending hundreds of dollars on other courses!

"I knew I was creating good content, but I couldn't find my audience.  I didn't know where they were.  I knew they were out there somewhere but I wasn't connecting to them or finding them in any kind of significant number.  Youtube was like the Match.com I was missing for my audience"

Youtube Bootcamp Testimonials

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