The Truth About Starting A YouTube Channel

Getting started on YouTube can seem like the answer to your business prayers.  But I want to share the real, raw truth about starting a YouTube channel.  None of this secrets to growing to 100,000 subscribers, my truthful advice on starting a YouTube channel.

In this video I'm sharing with you 3 pieces of YouTube advice if you are a YouTube beginner to get more views and subscribers.  These YouTube tips won't magically get you a thousand subscribers over night but they will help you learn how to do YouTube and a path for you to get started!

Does your business really need to be on Youtube in 2018?  Well I know I want to have more time to Netflix binge, go to the park with my kid, and actually get to sleep at a decent time!

I break down the exact 10 steps to take to ensure a YouTube channel is set up properly and ready to attract all that new organic search!

the truth about starting a youtube channel