Starting a Youtube Channel with Zero Subscribers

Starting a Youtube channel with zero subscribers

Hearing you might need to tackle another social media platform has you like…

Your might have just FINALLY got a handle on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest so why even start something new?

And video?  That’s going to take much more time to figure out then all the other platforms right!

Let me tell you this, I started my business just over a year ago and video was my MAIN marketing content and within one year I have built my authority as “the video girl” and have people excited to work and learn from me.

I’m being tagged in Facebook groups as the expert, I’m being interviewed on podcasts and asked to teach at online summits.  And I completely contribute it all to putting myself out there on video.

Now before you start listing all the reasons why video isn’t for you OR how will you ever get started with video, I’m sharing my top 3 tips for getting started with Youtube.

These 3 tips are lessons I learned from being on Youtube for just about a year now and I want you to learn from me!  So if you are wondering how to start a Youtube channel make sure you watch the video below for my best Youtube tips and hacks!

  1. Plan in advance!  You need to figure out what your audience is ACTUALLY searching on Google and Youtube.  Not what you THINK they are searching.  These are two very different things

  2. Be consistent.  I know this can be difficult.  You have a family.  You have clients.  You have squirrel syndrome and see something shiny! But the biggest growth I saw on Youtube was when I consistently posted a new video every week to my channel.

  3. Brand your channel before you launch!  Youtube is a very visual platform so it’s essential you have your channel branded to your business as soon as possible.  This way viewers will be able to link you to your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest that you’ve worked so hard to grow!

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