6 Steps To Create a Successful Online Course

You are ready to create an online course you can start selling in your sleep!  Hello more money!  But before you jump into creating your first online course watch these 6 steps to ensure your course is a success

In this video I'm sharing how I build an online course and my best online course tips so you know how to get started.  The platform I'm currently using to host my ecourses is Teachable.  If you are ready to develop an online course here are my 6 steps!

1. What are you good at?  Might be something small start there - start small especially if you are just starting - made this mistake!
2. How can you break it up into easy to manage segments? People don't want 20 minute training videos.
3. How can compliment your course videos - Can you create PDFs, checklists, or workbooks in your course.
4. Brain dump your lesson ideas on Post Its so you can an order them into similar content groups.
5. Organize in Trello - Keeping everything electronic helps you to get more done and saves time from looking in ALL the notebooks!  
6. Start preparing about 60/90 days in advance - creating content and launch takes organization and deadlines.  Plus you need to tease your audience and let them know this is coming!

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create a successful online course