Tips For Launching An Online Course

tips for launching an online course

Launching an online course or a digital product can look so simple from the outside.  But what you really don't see is what's going on behind the scenes; fixing and editing slides to your pitch right before you go live, realizing you left out some important information on your sales page; forgetting to schedule an email...

So when I launched Youtube Bootcamp a few weeks ago I decided to vlog the launch!  That means I decided to record as much of the process as possible so you can see what it really looks like.  And since I'm pretty much a one women shop here, you get to see everything!

Check out my Launch Week Vlog below:

If you want to find out everything I did during my launch, step by step, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel because next week I'm sharing all the things I did to prepare for my launch so it wasn't as crazy as it could be!

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How To Organize Your Business

how to organize your business

As a mom to two, ages two and 6 months, PLUS a business full of clients, launches, and video content... I get asked a lot; how do you do it all!

It wasn't something that happened over night but after the birth of the second baby I realized I needed to figure out how to be more productive! After all, I am a one woman shop over here.

Just like you, I had the cute paper planners and piles of piles of cute notebooks (thanks Michaels and Target dollar section) but I found myself spending oodles of time writing and re-writing to-do lists and looking for a specific list I wrote a few days before.

Things had to change!  So I decided to dive into the best free productivity tool I have yet to find, Trello!  And boy has it been life changing in my business and daily every day life (think meal prepping, house cleaning, workout schedule, grocery lists)

If you are ready to get your business organized, check out this video where I'm showing you exactly how I'm organizing my content plan and using Trello for project management!

Are you ready to start creating video content like this for your audience?  Make sure you grab my FREE Youtube Newbie Checklist!

If you are ready to try out Trello for yourself click here to check it out!  And let me know what questions do you have when it comes to getting organized on Trello!


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Using Your Branding To Stand Out On Youtube

using your branding to stand out on youtube

We are on to Day 2 of the #launchyourchannel challenge!

Here's the replay of the live workshop today.  We discussed how brand your channel, the important branding elements of your channel and how to add a video watermark!

Check out the 15 minute workshop below!

You can still join the challenge!  Click here to get in!

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