Let’s get laser focused.

Maybe you’re not sure what type of content you should be creating on YouTube.  Maybe you need help optimizing your videos for search. You might even need help writing attention-grabbing titles.  

Or, maybe you just need a better understanding of why your business belongs on YouTube.

All of these questions and all this wondering can mean you’re wasting precious time that could be spent staking your claim on your corner of the market. Don’t let one more YouTube viewer miss out on the golden nuggets you’ve got to offer them.

Let’s chat on a strategic, focused Clarity Call.

This is for you if...

  • You’re stuck planning (i.e. subscribing to tons of channels, making notes about what you’d do if you only knew how) for your YouTube channel instead of actually working your plans.

  • You’re posting YouTube videos, but nothing seems to be happening … cue crickets.

  • You’re ready to use the power of video to grow your authority, be more visible and work with more of your dream clients

  • You’re in need of customized, strategic advice for your situation and industry.

  • You need accountability and help crafting a strategy to move forward.

Youtube Clarity Call with Trena


  • 90-minute customized, focused coaching session
  • A recording of our session for you to keep
  • Worksheets and checklist to help you take the next steps
  • Email access for accountability and support for 90 days


  • How to improve your current Youtube Channel
  • How to set up a brand new Youtube Channel
  • How to optimize your video content
  • What type of video content to create
  • How to get started with the tech you have
  • How to get more views and subscribers on your channel
  • How to title and tag your videos



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