Accelerate Your Channel

You know video content is essential for your business growth and visibly but how do you get started?  If you are going to take the time to put into video content you want to make sure you actually see a return from it, right!  But you have so many questions before you get started:

Do I have the right equipment?

How do I get started video editing?

How do I set up my channel?

How do I know what a good video title is?

How do I find tags to get ranked in Youtube search results?

Do I even have the time to make this happen?

I’m here to hold your hand, provide you a life raft of strategies and walk you through the entire process to make it easy for you!  You want to see your email list grow with every single video you post and you want to see actual views on your videos.

Imagine having a done for you Youtube strategy in hand and copy and paste your video titles, tags and description box content for Youtube!

When you have the right videos working for you on Youtube it’s like having a sales team working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for FREE!  

This “Accelerate Your Channel Session” is a pop up service with only a few limited spots still available!

How does this work?

  • Book a 90 minute session with me
  • I get to work mapping out a strategy specific to your business!
  • We get on a call and I answer all your questions plus show you exactly how to find video titles and tags to get your videos ranking!
  • Then I share the custom strategy I created for you!
  • Once our call is over, I send you a recording of our session along with action steps for you to implement your brand new strategy without headache or overwhelm!
  • Schedule a 30 minute follow call to analyze the implementation of your strategy and video success!
  • Keep in touch for 90 days to ensure you strategy is working!

Here’s everything you get:

  • 4 customized video titles and tags optimized just for you
  • My exact process for researching titles and tags to ensure video success
  • The formula for scripting videos that engage and convert
  • Action step guide to ensure your channel it set up and launched to Youtube’s best practices
  • My checklists for optimizing, uploading and promoting all your videos so you don’t miss a single step!
  • 2 calls with yours truly (90 minutes and 30 minutes)
  • Recording of our call to keep for your reference
  • Channel audit to help you improve your channel

The investment is $299.  You’ll get more out of this session customized JUST FOR YOU than you’ll get from any other course the same price.

If you do the work for $299 you’ll see the return on your investment!

Spots are filling up!  Sign up before this pop up service is full!

Results With My System

With only 22 subscribers, Janet's video featuring her laptop case has over 800 views and continues to get more views every single day!


Jessica teaches how to become a speaker and how you can pitch conferences to speak at their event.  Her target audience is going to search "pitching your speech" when they are ready to learn more and how to actually do it.  Jessica's video is #1 for the exact audience she is looking for.


And let's not forget the power Youtube has on Google!  Not only is my video the first search result out of 8 million but my website is the third search result with that video embedded!


Wanna chat first?  Let's jump on a quick call before all these spots are taken!